Thursday, May 31, 2012

... and the extras!

As I shortly mentioned in the very first post, the stories I will begin publishing soon will not focus on my three planned out characters I just introduced. Guild Wars 2 has not yet launched, and the only time I can play the game is during the rather short Beta Weekend Events. Since it's a beta, any progress we make will be wiped - I therefore decided to try to not spoiler myself too much and created characters decidedly different from those I plan to roll on launch. For example, the charr I avoid altogether for now.

So, while I might eventually start developing my three launch heroes' backgrounds (before launch), for now I will retell the adventures experienced by my beta characters.

Everyone, say hi to Fujiko and Ragnar!

Fujiko is a charming female thief of Canthan descent. She has grown up among common folk and regrets never having known her parents.
She was known as quite the tomboy in the orphanage in Salma's District, however a Canthan couple wanted to take in a girl who shared their heritage - so Fujiko was adopted, despite her rotten attitude.
Struggling with her past, she did not know how to react to those new parents and the kindness they showed her... eventually, she decided to respond in the way she knew best (i.e. troublemaking).

Though now that she decided to venture outside Divinity's Reach, the one or two tricks she picked up during her escapades certainly came in handy.

Ragnar is your average boastful, ferocious norn ranger. He fiercely believes in Wolf and always keeps his packmate close-by. He often judges other individuals based on their strength (and their strength only), and well... he thinks himself a very strong drinker, even though him regularly blacking out during moots should be evidence enough to prove the opposite. He won't hear of it though, and rather covers "the lying accusant" in nasty bruises.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spotlight: The actors...

Just so that you can have a general idea where I'm heading, here's a little more info on those three:

Krall Blightfur:
Male dignified charr necromancer wearing a skull masque, ash legionnaire, sired by a sorcerous shaman, likes to hang out with Reeva.

Due to his father's reputation, his superiors decided to train him in martial combat and to suppress his magical talents. Skilled in the use of axe and dagger, he and Reeva stumbled across an ancient Ascalonian tomb during a mission. Surprisingly devoid of Ascalonian spirits, the tomb reeked of magic different from the Foefire. It was there that Krall communed with the sane spirit of an old Tyrian hero, taking her skull with him and thus keeping a link to her as his spirit guide.

Dungeoneering's fun.

She helped him in awakening his latent powers, and when he returned his superiors could only accept the fact that he now knew how to wield magic.
He has always had a curious streak and due to how others treat him as a “shaman's offspring” he tries his best to keep his dignity, as to prove the opposite to himself at least. Ever since he came in contact with the hero's spirit, he has understood that most truths are not as simple as people make them out to be. He's very well aware of the Elder Dragon's presence and the threat they pose, in turn rendering him extremely annoyed at the petty squabbles between different warbands, legions, and races even.

Makes boo-kahs go kah-boo-m!
Male ferocious asuran engineer wearing eagle-eye-goggles, member of the College of Dynamics with Bonk as his first advisor, and the Infinity Ball as his first invention.

He is extremely small, even for asuran standards, which is especially true for his ears. He's not even especially smart! In general it seems like there's nothing special about him; rather, you can hear others saying, everything about him seems sub-par.
Not so in Rajj's opinion of course – with an ego rivalling that of a giant, and armed with a rage that would make even a god of war pale in comparison, he will blow any of those jealous idiots to smithereens! They only envy him, seeing him make his enemies explode and combust in oh-so-many ways while they are bound to stay in their workshops, hunched over technomagical gimmicks no one needs!

(Right now this character seems like “the comic relief guy”, but as I don't like the fact that ANet seems to have taken the entire asuran race in that direction I'll make sure he will become a more serious character. Still, him being less intelligent and more interested in the explosive charr side of technology, allows me to write him more like a normal human. I admit I don't like their constant technobabble too much.)

Female ferocious human guardian wearing the Fanatic's Pauldrons, raised on the streets, dead sister, blessed by Grenth.

A slightly (heavily) retouched screenshot from the CC.
Danica and her big sister lived their lives as street urchins. Although her big sister tried her best to provide for her younger sibling and protect her, Danica has made many jarring experiences which shaped her into someone ferociously defending what little she possessed. She also made contact with the clandestinity and peculiar individuals such as Quinn.

When she was around 15 years old, her sister earned herself a position in the Seraph force and the two finally escaped from the streets. However, Danica did not cut her ties to her old life – considering her friendship with Quinn one of her most valuable possessions, she would rather die than leave him behind.
Meanwhile, one of her sister's first missions had her joining a raid on several merchants dealing illegal goods. Incidentally, Danica and Quinn were also present, and the two siblings wound up fighting. Danica's big sister feigned being overwhelmed by the two and allowed them to escape, later on confronting Danica (who at that time did not know that she had fought her sister, as she had been concealed by the heavy Seraph armour), demanding that she cut the ties with her past.

The two had a large fallout, and shortly after Danica's sister became a member of the Falcon Company, dying soon after in a centaur ambush.

Introducing tyrianwayfarers.blogspot!

Hello everyone and welcome to “Roaming Tyria”, a blog where Tyrian wayfarers will talk about their most recent endeavours! 

So, what exactly does this mean?

With this blog I want to create a place where I can talk about and develop my Guild Wars 2 characters. A lot of this will include story elements developed on my own, outside of what the game has to offer in regards to personal stories. However, my characters' (hi)stories were conceived with the background options proposed in Guild Wars 2 in mind, and as I will also include happenings in the game in my stories this blog will most definitely include spoilers.
As an example: I designed my charr necromancer as an Ash legionnaire with a sorcerous shaman as his father. While I will definitely extend his background to include many more (out-of-game) elements, these two points are still fundamental to his character. When I play the game and experience these stories, I intend to talk about them on here as well – though obviously some stuff will get changed around, and I most definitely won't keep the game's original dialogue.
The point still stands though, if you read the story of my charr necromancer, you will get spoiled in regards to the personal story steps I take.

I will categorize the posts so that everyone will be able to easily follow a single character's story. At some point, stories might converge, in which case they will be tagged for all the related characters.

I will also try to make sure to clearly state what personal story decisions I took beforehand, so that everyone can decide by themselves whether they want to continue reading or want to wait until they have reached that story arc themselves.

Now, the interesting stuff:

I have three characters planned out for launch already. Rajj, an asuran engineer, a rather young human guardian called Danica and my main character, a charr necromancer called Krall Blightfur.
Consequently he will be the most heavily featured one (at least in the beginning. You never know what might happen).

However, as the game has not yet launched I will not start playing any of these three characters. While I might start talking about their background soon, the first stories I will publish on this blog are those of my beta characters!

Moreover, the stories will include all kinds of illustrations.