Thursday, May 31, 2012

... and the extras!

As I shortly mentioned in the very first post, the stories I will begin publishing soon will not focus on my three planned out characters I just introduced. Guild Wars 2 has not yet launched, and the only time I can play the game is during the rather short Beta Weekend Events. Since it's a beta, any progress we make will be wiped - I therefore decided to try to not spoiler myself too much and created characters decidedly different from those I plan to roll on launch. For example, the charr I avoid altogether for now.

So, while I might eventually start developing my three launch heroes' backgrounds (before launch), for now I will retell the adventures experienced by my beta characters.

Everyone, say hi to Fujiko and Ragnar!

Fujiko is a charming female thief of Canthan descent. She has grown up among common folk and regrets never having known her parents.
She was known as quite the tomboy in the orphanage in Salma's District, however a Canthan couple wanted to take in a girl who shared their heritage - so Fujiko was adopted, despite her rotten attitude.
Struggling with her past, she did not know how to react to those new parents and the kindness they showed her... eventually, she decided to respond in the way she knew best (i.e. troublemaking).

Though now that she decided to venture outside Divinity's Reach, the one or two tricks she picked up during her escapades certainly came in handy.

Ragnar is your average boastful, ferocious norn ranger. He fiercely believes in Wolf and always keeps his packmate close-by. He often judges other individuals based on their strength (and their strength only), and well... he thinks himself a very strong drinker, even though him regularly blacking out during moots should be evidence enough to prove the opposite. He won't hear of it though, and rather covers "the lying accusant" in nasty bruises.

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